World Hunger Team (WHT) is a true 501(c)3 non-profit Christ-centered foundation based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Founded in 2008, we have grown in countless ways from our start.  Our mission has expanded to truly tackle hunger on a worldwide basis.

We have designed and tested a variety of growing methods for both indoor and outdoor growing. We are adapting hydroponic techniques to traditional farm growing, and even working to improve food security in Africa.

We have three missions to grow food where little food is grown now.

1) In Homes / Condos / Churches / Work Places. Our small 3' footprint home unit grows up to 32 plants, largely on "auto-pilot", with little maintenance required.


2) At Institutions. Our large "carousel"  growing unit lets groups of any kind grow food indoors on a large scale, 365 days a year - inexpensively, reliably, and easily - with no major farming or agricultural skills needed.

3) In African countries of greatest need. We are working to create new, simplified growing systems to help feed the people of  Africa. These include growing sacks, the "tower of life", as well as nutrient-irrigated farm beds


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Nashville, TN 37214

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